Sunday, December 18, 2005

Merry, indeed.

Completely blissed out.

Sunday Baroque is playing on the radio, the Christmas tree is so pretty, there's an iced coffee beside me, I had blackberries on my flaxseed cereal this morning, it's freezing outside, there's a pot of boiling water on the stove, Bethany's snuggled up in the guest room, Misha took her toy back to her crate on the back porch (after licking my cereal bowl), all my muscles are sore from yesterday's workout, and I'm cozy under a blanket in front of the computer. All feels right with the world!

Last night, we had steaks over at Mick & Crystal's, and mine was one of the best steaks I've EVER tasted. Plus, Mick had two old London newspapers from the '40s with all kinds of war coverage and Churchill quotes. I was pretty much in Heaven. Oh, and Mike served mojitos, and the Clary family gave me a cool birthday present.

Tonight is church and pizza.

I love weekends...

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