Thursday, September 20, 2007

I feel sorry for you...

...if you don't work with fun people who like to dress alike.

*I feel sorry for you if you never had a chance to shoot a Makarov. (FUN!)

*I feel sorry for you if you don't get to see West Texas sunsets and sunrises...and enjoy the TWO double rainbows we've had this week!!

*And I feel REALLY sorry for you if you missed Jeff Walling's closing lecture of ACU's 90th annual Bible Lectureship last night. (Sorry, College Roomie who knew about Jeff Walling's speaking abilities before any of the rest of would have loved last night's lesson from Micah. Yes, I said MICAH.)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Makarovniks, unite!

Here's video of Dad's Makarov and me on our first outing...'s a true love affair, and I called him after church last night and offered to buy it. (He did NOT say yes.)

So here's my cunning plan...Dad and Mom will have to come to Texas to get it, if they really want the Mak back. (Oh, and pry it out of my cold, dead fingers...LOL!)

P.S. What would we do without Kirsten & her trusty video camera? :-)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The embarrassing video footage.

Well, Kirsten was as good as her word...she has added video of me jumping off the diving board to her blog! (And YES, I have to hold my nose.)

Laugh it up.

You can see the videos at Kirsten's blog (entries on Sep. 1 & where May Bee goes off the diving board willingly on Sep. 1, and the other one where she is PUSHED by a well-meaning niece!).

Saturday, September 01, 2007

September's first schizophrenic post...

First, please pray for my dad...he's been in a Virginia hospital since Tuesday, and his leg is in terrible shape! Please pray that he will be able to keep his leg! Please also pray that Mom, who is in delicate health herself, can stay strong during this ordeal. (Our brother spent the day with them and called with an update on the way back to Charlotte tonight. It is VERY serious. There is no way Karen & I can get to Mom and Dad to help, and we feel SO helpless...but we can ask you to say a quick prayer for our dad...)

Second, please also pray for Mike, who lost a friend today to an accidental death. He is a husband and father...and a friend to Mike and Mick, who are both shaken at the loss of a friend in the prime of his life.

Third, and on a much lighter note--this morning, Karen and I took a break from the stress of our situations and took her kids (and my dogs) to Abilene's 4th annual Doggie Splash Day. It only cost $2 per dog, everyone had so much fun...and the dogs and I are in the Abilene Reporter-News! Dan and Kirsten and Jaeger were there, and she has threatened to put embarrassing video footage of me (holding my nose as I went off the diving board!) on her blog.

Please remember our dad! Thank you in advance for remembering him in prayer this week...