Monday, July 28, 2008

BORN caged. Died FREE.

After you have found the Kleenex box, fixed your mascara (girls), and swallowed the lump in your throat (boys), you can read more here.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Whiskers on kittens.

Here's a new Favorite Thing...

Yesterday night, our preacher's wife taught Bible class. She talked to us about physical fitness and nutrition...about not buying products with high fructose corn syrup...about taking care of our "temples" so that we may take care of others...and she made us get down on the floor and EXERCISE!!

At one point, I turned to Kayla (doing push-ups beside me) and said, "Please tell me you brought your camera." She ran and grabbed it from her purse, and she got one or two good shots of EVERYONE on the church floor. We did lunges, stretches, push-ups, a relaxation exercise, and then ate a healthy snack (peanut butter balls made with natural, no-sugar-added PB) when we broke into small groups.

I can NOT stop thinking about how much I love my weird little church family!!!!!

Another Favorite Thing? Shorpy!

Today's funniest comment came from "Anonymous Tipster" after this photo at

"My grandfather used to say there's no controlling young men once they've smelled gasoline and tasted lipstick."

HA!!!!! How funny was that guy's grandpa?

(There was no controlling me after I got a library card.)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Click here for a frightening look at what high fructose corn syrup and fast food have done to us...

Monday, July 14, 2008


Last night, Karen and I finally watched The Green Mile together. (Ages ago, Karen made me promise not to see that movie with anyone else, and it was so wonderful. How ridiculous of me not to see TGM until 2008!)

Tonight, it's going to be Rabbit-Proof Fence! Wheeee!

Feeling sad and left out of the Chick Flick Fun? Here are some "flicker shows" for you!

Apparently, raising kids would have been a lot easier if I'd had a Wii Fit when Bethany was little. (BTW, my Wii name at Kirsten's is Krii-sty.)

Or maybe it would have been easier raising a baby if we'd had a dog:

UPDATE: Yesterday, NetFlix brought us the original British version of The Office so we're saving Rabbit-Proof Fence until the girls get back from camp. Oh, and of course I fell asleep during the FIRST episode (yes, my transformation into Mom is complete!), and Karen snapped a photo of me, dead to the world, with the bra I'd removed across my knees. She thinks this is hilarious.

(God gives you sisters to keep you humble.)

Oh, and I found an interesting take on The Green Mile here. During the movie, I turned to Karen and said, "His initials are J.C."...but there was so much more. The unexplained scars, the character named Delacroix, the church-style seating in the execution room, John Coffey's "halo" as he marveled at his first movie, the scorn and heckling as an innocent man was put to death. (Did I mention how great The Green Mile was? Stephen King and anyone who played a part in bringing this "flicker show" to the Big Screen should be proud!)

Monday, July 07, 2008

How do you say "yuck" en Espanol?

Well, the last outing to Mary's wasn't quite as successful as June's Escamocha Escapade.

What to choose...what to choose?

I like the Tornado...when they hold the salt and chile! If you just want the fruit drizzled with lime juice, be SURE to say, "Lime juice only, please!"

The tamarindo ice cream bar is kinda' gross; Misha had to finish most of mine once. The watermelon is delicious--AND you can get that one in the sugar-free version! Yum! (I can't bring myself to order the "guaba.")

Here's what Houston ended up devouring...looks good! And I owed him a double-scoop waffle bowl since I've been taking his sisters to Mary's after church lately...

Oma chose wisely, too!
Opa und Lion denken Mary's Eiscreme schmekt gut!

Kirsten is even enjoying her CHEESE-flavored ice cream cone.

But I decided to try the salads the people in front of us ordered last Sunday night. I *loved* how they gave me a whole bottle of hot sauce and let me add as much as I want! Cabbage and avocado sounded a little weird, but it must be yummy if it's from Mary's, right?


The giant white onions that you see in the picture were, in actuality, PICKLED PIG FAT...and it took me several bites to realize that the disgusting taste was coming from the "onions."

When I took one of my onions to the counter to ask the clerk what it was...and she told me...oh, ick. Oh, ICK! Full-bore gross-out! (I'll take bugs in my escamocha any day!)

Learned her lesson--and only ordering chile-free/salt-free Tornadoes from now on,

P.S. Did you shudder? I'm still shuddering...and am suddenly not hungry for lunch at all...

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Oh, dear.

What started out as a light-hearted trip to to see what those PhotoShop scamps had done to a Shorpy contribution took a serious turn when I went to the homepage to check out their top news stories...

...smiles from the photo contest quickly turned into sadness as I read about the 45 Navy Seal Tridents pressed into the casket of Petty Officer Michael A. Monsoor...

...which then melted into tears when I visited the video of the funeral...

...which reminded me of how special yesterday's "Independence Day" *truly* was.

More than just hot dogs (and veggie burgers!) and friends and sparklers and fireworks, but to be able to live in this wonderful, FREE country and celebrate our independence because of men and women like Uncle John and Aunt Doris and Dan Bush and my grandfather and my great-uncle Lloyd and Michael A. Monsoor. What a privilege!

Hoping your July 4th was as wonderful as mine (Bethany's in town!),