Sunday, July 23, 2006

Family reunion--day three!

Someone asked me today if I'm having fun at the family reunion. (I'm on vacation with the people I love the most...what could be better?!?)

After church, we went to a yummy Mexican restaurant in McKinney. The salsa verde and fajitas were amazing. (We still had Amy Grace with us, but Aunt Sue & Uncle James had to take Stephen to the airport so they left after breakfast.)

After lunch, we went to Aunt Delilah's house. We got to see Deanna (and her cute dog, Magic), the older generation took us on a hilarious trip down Memory Lane, and Delilah gave us directions to the Walnut Grove cemetery in Rhea Mills. We went out there tonight and put flowers on Nanny & Bobo's graves when it was nice and cool. It was so peaceful out there, and the sun decided to put on a spectacular sunset show for us.

It was a wonderful day...

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Kirsten said...

Glad you#re having a fun time during your vacation...finally!!!
Don't eat as much as I do! Tiffany is going to write home, have room send dog! She loves the food here!!!!!!!