Monday, September 17, 2007

Makarovniks, unite!

Here's video of Dad's Makarov and me on our first outing...'s a true love affair, and I called him after church last night and offered to buy it. (He did NOT say yes.)

So here's my cunning plan...Dad and Mom will have to come to Texas to get it, if they really want the Mak back. (Oh, and pry it out of my cold, dead fingers...LOL!)

P.S. What would we do without Kirsten & her trusty video camera? :-)


Kirsten said...

I just love to get people in weird situations, then I have prove and something to hold over them...and sometimes it's good to have a picture and video to prove that we can have fun!
When is the next gun show in Abilene? (Oct. 13-14)!!! We have to buy those Makarovs, and it has to be German...Polish won't work :-)

chinachat said...

i'm in town through late Thursday, and back again mid next week for a few days. whenever you have time, give me a call at my parents: 6723890:)