Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Your favorite books of 2007?

Of all the books you read last year (not necessarily published in 2007, but read last year), which were your favorites? Did you read any stinkers? Re-read any classics?

Off the top of my head, my favorite "grown-up" books were Prayer: Does It Make a Difference? by Philip Yancey & The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan; my favorite YA novel was Shackleton's Stowaway by Victoria McKernan. (McKernan really did her homework on this book, traveling across the Atlantic to interview the relatives of Perce Blackborow, Shackleton's real-life teenage stowaway.)

What about you?

P.S. You won't regret following the Pollan links above...REALLY interesting. The thought of my Irish great-grandmother, Annie Larkin, reading the ingredient list on a tube of Gogurt made me laugh out loud...

Update: Last night, as I tossed and turned worrying about money, sleep seemed such a remote option that it only made sense to read. The first book I grabbed was Anna Quindlen's Good Dog. Stay., and IT WAS WONDERFUL. Pull out your credit cards (or library cards, if you're broke, too!) and get this book as quickly as you can. And if you're borrowing the Abilene Public Library's copy, I apologize for the little mascara smudge on page 75. (Mom was should always remove your makeup before bed.)


Cousin Jamie said...

An absolute Must-Read is Angela Hunt's "The Novelist." Nothing like her other books, more importantly, nothing like any other book I've read. Inspiring, enlightening, and refreshing.

Kirsten said...

So, when are you reading "In Defense of Food"? just wondering...
Hmmm...I read mostly for pleasure, and of course all those Middle School books that we need to recommend to the kids, sooooo...I did read
"The Blood of Flowers" by Anita Amirrezvani and that was very interesting. About growing up in Isfahan (Persia) during the seventeenth century

As of kids books, hmmm, just finished "Cracker!" by Cynthia Kadohata about the dogs in the Vietnam Conflict. Wonder how the kids will like it, at least they will get a glimpse of that area. Was an interesting read but will not advertise to all the kids :-)

Melanie said...

Oh boy, you have put my mind to work! :) Jim Daly's "FINDING HOME" was wonderful as was Sharon Jaynes' book "Becoming a Woman Who Listens to God"!

I challanged myself NOT to bring a book while we went on our vacation this past summer... well, it lasted all of 2 maybe 3 days! I finally decided it was MY VACATION TOO and I LOVE TO READ, so instead of NO reading, I challanged myself to try a book out of 'my norm'! I picked up an action/mystery book by James Patterson... "Beach Road" and surprisingly, I LOVED IT! (I was shocked at the ending... I really didn't see it coming!)
Naturally, when we got home, I scoffed up a few more from the library to read! LOL

2008 I am starting Dee Henderson's "The O'Malley Chronicles" (first time reading this author) and I was given John Bunyon's book "The Pilgrim's Progress" for Christmas so I will attempt this one too!

Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

Melanie--you'll love the O'Malley Chronicles. Just make sure you read them in order. :)

Okay--so you've read my list of books I read this year. I think the stand-outs are:

"SEASIDE" by Terri Blackstock. It's a very quick but poignant read about the importance of family/relationships.

"THE COPPER SCROLL" by Joel C. Rosenberg--think "end times" only during our present-day conflicts. Kind of interesting that some of the things he wrote happened very shortly after this book was published. Talk about history in the making!

"SUSHI FOR ONE?" by Camy Tang--a bit of chic lit with ( as the author likes to say) a kick of wasabi. Talk about family issues--this is a wonderful first book by Camy Tang and the next one in the series is due out later next month. You'll most definitely laugh and you may need some tissues at times too.