Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Saturday!

What a lovely day!

May Bee and I ran to the bank (YAY, REBATE!), the post office, and HEB first thing this morning, then off to a wedding shower with Kirsten, and then back home to beat the heat by reading, watching Edward R. Murrow interview Dick Clark & Billy Graham (thank you, NetFlix!), power napping, and working on the church bulletin.

Oh, and remember how I encouraged everyone to honor their moms with a gift to the mothers of Zambia? Well, I decided to honor my dad, too. (He's becoming one of the most vocal feminists I know, and I could think of nothing he would want more for Father's Day!) Well, my parents and I both received hand-written thank-you notes this week. The Zambian Medical Mission is a class act, that's for sure!

"Thank you for your contribution to Zambia Mission honoring your mom and your dad in such a special way. Your thoughtfulness and generosity will ripple blessings to Zambian moms and their families as they use the Clean Delivery Kits when their precious little one is born. May God continue to bless you richly in every way!"

Tomorrow is Mother's Day...and I truly am "blessed richly in every way"! The plan for tomorrow includes running with May Bee in the morning, tea with friends in the afternoon, and church tomorrow night.

P.S. Oh, and that box of Girl Scout Thin Mints I bought outside an Austin Chuy's back in February? It's time to light that candle.

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