Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tonight's Skype...Walton-syle.

[8:48:41 PM] Kristy Fowler: Herroooo!

[8:49:18 PM] Kristy Fowler: I tried to Skype you this morning as I made spaghetti sauce. It didn't work...

[9:01:09 PM] Bethany Hicks: mmm spaghetti sauce

[9:01:13 PM] Bethany Hicks: i have to go teach class
[9:01:17 PM] Bethany Hicks: right now

[9:01:34 PM] Bethany Hicks: bye for now. Be back in a couple hours

[9:01:39 PM] Kristy Fowler: Just as we're headed to bed. That figures...
[9:01:43 PM] Kristy Fowler: says Karen!

[9:02:03 PM] Bethany Hicks: Night Karen! Night mom! Night Hannah! Night Little Bit!
[9:02:20 PM] Bethany Hicks: Good night Maybee. Goodnight Bennett. Goodnight Dolly!


Want to see Bethany's China pics & videos? Click here.


Melanie said...

Wow... awesome pictures!! How long is she in China?? I thought she was a flight attendent, when did she take on teaching?? :) WOW!!

mad4books said...

Well, she is supposed to stay until April, but she is *sick and tired* and talking about coming home next month.

And by sick and tired...I mean REALLY sick (the Asian version of Montezuma's Revenge) and tired (fireworks go off outside her apartment almost every night).

Watching our kids and their crazy adventures is half the fun of parenting!!