Friday, October 23, 2009

Where are your Kleenex? Look around...

...cuz you're gonna' need 'em.

Thanks to Tammy Marcelain for sharing this. I always, always leave her blog or photo blog feeling inspired.

And now for the one that got me this morning before school. (Mom, you're so lucky you're OFF on Fridays. You can listen to StoryCorps every week without wrecking your mascara!)

Click here for this morning's StoryCorps interview with Willie Jefferson & Chloe Smith.

Happy Weekend, everybody!

P.S. Fingers crossed in hopes that Russ & Amanda Faye will have time to put up some Sweet Baby James pics this weekend...I think they're waiting to see if we Texas Folk will get in our cars and drive to NC because we're so photo-deprived!! Well, we cry "Uncle!"...or "AUNT," as the case may be!! PHOTOS!! We beg for PHOTOS!

(Did he turn out homely, and you don't want us to know? Well, we don't care! Post some snapshots, even if he looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid or Charles Kuralt!)

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Steelerfan06 said...

Ok, Ok, I've torn myself away from Sweet Baby James long enough to figure out what I was doing wrong and uploaded two videos. Blogger mistake was trying to upload videos that were too big. They have to be short...under 100mb.