Monday, February 08, 2010

Chinese MAGIC!

Bethany has promised that she will soon get all of her China photos & videos posted on her Shutterfly site at , but I just couldn't wait to share the DELICIOUSLY EDIBLE pictures from her Chinese photography shoot!

LOVE it!

One of Bethany's friends said this could be a Chinese Snuggies ad...

Oooh...DOUBLY good!

You should hear Bethany tell the story about the photographer demonstrated how a girl should hold a opposed to what SHE was doing. Needless to say, hilarity ensued.

"Happy New Year!" (said in my best Danville accent)

Fairy of flowers. No doubt.

Wearing her NASA Space Shawl.

Bethany calls this one, "More Mouth, Please."

And the sweetest one...posing with the un-Texas-sized hair & makeup artists!

These are WA-A-AY more fun than the requisite Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors photos every tourist snaps. Whatever she paid this photographer was not enough...they have provided me with two weeks of giggles and delight. (Didn't even post them all--just my faves.)

Glad she's home, safe and sound (and far too skinny!),
The Mama Who Can Dial Her Worry Down to Level Blue ("Guarded")