Wednesday, March 03, 2010

By request.

Okay, Kara has asked for something more interesting than a bison photo (as if there COULD be something more interesting than a bison photo!) to tide her over until the next post. So...enjoy the photo-turned-magnet (& reverse message) I found inside a library book a few years ago.

When Karen saw this, she was like, "This is what school pictures must be like in Hell."

BESOSSSSSS until next time,


The Driskells said...

Well, that certainly gave me something to laugh about, but I still don't think I'm going to sit around and stare at that picture. He looks kind of creepy!
I like the fact that you actually listened to my request! Any chance I could get some Schlotzsky's and Austin's Amy's Ice Cream delivered?
: )

mad4books said...

Ooh, Schlotzsky's...great idea. Thanks for the lunch suggestion! Life is SWEET here in God's Country.

P.S. If you ever volunteer in my library, I'll treat you! When my mom worked in the library for two days, we ordered the turkey guacamole and The Original and swapped halves. What a great lunch, complete with jalapeno chips! (Oh, your mouth watering? I'm sure Virginia has something nearly as tasty as Texas...NOT!)