Saturday, May 08, 2010

The worst morning contest? I won it.

You know that horrible recurring dream about being in the shower...with a head covered in shampoo...when a giant waterbug (a.k.a., "ROACH!") falls from the ceiling and right onto your body? ONTO YOUR WET, NAKED BODY?

It happened. 

And not some petite Pennsylvania-sized roach, either, but a take-no-prisoners, TEXAS-SIZED behemoth.

I was able to kill it by stomping on it repeatedly, while screaming like a little girl...which brought May Bee to the rescue! (Ben snoozed through the whole thing.)

The team of Viennese psychiatrists it's going to take to restore my mind are going to be expensive, but worth every Euro...

UPDATE: Last night at the Bushes, as we watched 24, this commercial came on and made me laugh out loud. Maybe the roach that landed on me in the shower just  thought we were "dipping skinny."


UPDATE 2: So this morning, a friend suggested that I invest in the Bugzooka! It's the coolest...check out the VIDEO!


blueridgeguy said...

Life is tough...cochroaches are tougher. I am proud of you for killing him outright...there is no compromise with some vermin. Just take of business, pronto, and bury the bodies. I hope that MayBee pitched in, too.


The Driskells said...

Eww, eww, eww, eww, super major yucky eww!!!!!!!! Did you pour bleach all over your body after you pulverized it's nasty little existence while cursing mother nature for creating such a vile creature?

Start a trust fund for your therapy treatments and I will contribute on a weekly basis!

: ) Kara

Melanie said...

YUK!! I can only imagine how GROSS that would have been for you... for ANYONE! LOL

Glad you survived! :) AND, I'm VERY glad you didn't have a handgun in your bathroom drawer! LOL

Anna from Sweden said...

Man, that is one disgusting roach! I don't think i'd stomped it, I'd just scream and hope a neighbour would hear me...