Monday, August 02, 2010

Double Rainbow, all the way.

GREAT weekend at Bethany & Catrin's new house on The River, but since I only had my cell phone camera and have to email myself all of those photos as phone messages, it will be a while...

In the meantime, turns out that, as usual, I'm a month late and a dollar short. When the guy on Marketplace Money was talking about the Double Rainbow Joy guy, I didn't have a clue.

Here's the scoop, for you other old-timers like me who missed the Rainbow Exuberance...and I'm NOT making fun of him, either! If more people were moved to tears by double rainbows, this world would be a lovelier place!

UPDATE: River weekend pics are up! Click HERE to see 'em! All taken with my cell phone...and turned out surprisingly okay.

Oh, and Russ just sent me the N.C. lottery's parody of Mr. Double Rainbow, All the Way...and it turned out surprisingly funny!

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