Wednesday, April 06, 2011

This is what happens...

...when i go to the store without a list.

I went to HEB for milk. Milk. One item. (I left with wine, flowers, jalapeno chips, habanero cheese, and a bunch of other stuff...)

The same thing happened two Saturdays ago when I went to Hastings for Where the Wild Things Are for Colten's birthday. After buying him the book and a Matchbox kit of vehicles (with a farm theme! how cool is that?!),  the sale racks sang their siren song, and I left with:

 *3 for $2.99 each from the clearance rack (Angels in the Gloom, No Graves As Yet, and Kay Bailey Hutchison's Leading Ladies)

*Revenge of the Paste Eaters: Memoirs of a Misfit
*Sleeping Arrangements
*a biography of Thomas Merton
*Shaggy Muses: The Dogs Who Inspired Virginia Woolf, Emily Dickinson, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Edith Wharton, and Emily Bronte
*The Wind in the Willows

*SNL: The Best of Jimmy Fallon
*Jim Carrey's A Christmas Carol
*Date Night

I don't have a smart phone so there was no checking of reviews. Who knows if they're any good? (So far, I *hate* Angels in the Gloom...bleah! And it's NOT the narrator I despise. What's up with all the EMOTION that is painstakingly, excruciatingly explained to the reader? Seriously! Just make the dialogue convincing, make your characters layered and genuine...and let the reader sort it out for herself). 

It's not very often I quit an audiobook, but this one's fixin' to get the boot if it doesn't improve pronto! 

Hopeful that the rest will be winners,


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