Thursday, June 02, 2011

Thumbs up, everybody! ROCK AND ROLL!

Feelin' a little down after yesterday's exam and hospital pre-op visit. The surgery will be worse than we thought, the recovery longer, the side effects more awful. Lunch with the Schumanns cheered me up a little bit (I had to rip the bandage off my arm so I could dip my chips in the salsa!), but then my AC broke last night and water was dripping into the utility room closet...on the same wood that got soaked during the Water Heater Fiasco a couple of months ago!

And then, today, the good news started rolling in to soften yesterday's blows. Philip fixed the AC. Good news on the phone from my boss. A funny photo of Kirsten's AHS bear headed back to Arizona.

And then...this.

Thumbs up, everybody.


Kirsten said...

oh, no! I hadn't read this one! Sorry about your AC, what least it's working again!

Bluebonnetgirl said...

Well, Miss Fondle, now that you've passed your tests and ultrasound, do you "feel happy of yourself"?

Two thumbs up for your surprisingly quick healing and recovery! Just don't overdo it, now that you are over the hump!

Love ya!