Sunday, September 17, 2006


Did you hear a collective cheer go up across America this week as children celebrated in the streets?

I feel so bad for the lady who died, btw. I eat salads and work out to improve my health and nurture the body God gave me, and it just seems a cruel irony that she was killed by her salad. That is just so wrong...

Speaking of SO WRONG...Mike and I just watched the worst movie we've ever rented, the original 1973 Wicker Man. (I thought I read somewhere that it was a "horror classic" with a "cult following," but after actually watching this cinematic travesty, we think maybe I misread the article...perhaps they said this "horror" of a movie was about "a crazed nobleman with a cult following.")

Gratuitous nudity, ridiculous music, the weirdest parade/strangest dance sequence has this movie never fallen into the hands of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 folks? They could have had a field day with this!

Even funnier was that *right before* the movie, Mike said he didn't want to watch anything I picked because I always select the worst movies...which made the whole thing more painfully hysterical. At one point, Mike was doing some kind of crazy Riverdance-style hand motions as the soundtrack singer warbled some lyrics about "barley rigs" taken from the poetry of Robert Burns.

You've been warned. Lay off the spinach...and the 1973 Wicker Man.

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