Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas Concert at the Civic Center

We just got home from the first-ever matinée performance of the Abilene Philharmonic Orchestra's Christmas Celebration. It was wonderful, and we really made a girls' afternoon of it, meeting Kirsten at Starbucks before the performance. In fact, she snapped the picture above!

In the Christmas spirit yet?


Karen said...

We had such a great time! The concert was wonderful and the company was even better. :-) We should have more girls' nights out!

Kirsten said...

It was a great concert! Looking forward to it next year! Guess the next girls' night out is on the horizon :)

"Linda Claus" said...

Did the orchestra's "Christmas Celebration" include any part of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite? I'm jealous! I'm SO glad that you were able to take in the cultural event and encourage the children's artistic awareness.

Christmas just wouldn't be the same without the Nutcracker Suite, Handel's Messiah, and fruitcake. All of that makes for a great beginning to the Christmas season!

"Beautiful picture," said Mrs. Claus!(Totally unbiased, I might add!)

Melanie said...

Sounds like the beginning of an awesome tradition to me!! :)

Have you ever seen the Nutcracker? We did that one year as a 'girl's night out'!! A must see at least once in a lifetime!

CresceNet said...
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