Friday, October 31, 2008


Sitting here waiting for Trick or Treaters (apparently we don't get as many here in The Barrio as we did in Wylie) I may as well play on the computer and catch up on all the bills that went unpaid/email that went unread during Book Fair this week.

Since you probably don't want to share in the pain of my bills, I'll share in the JOY and HOPE of my Google Reader instead. Back in June, I linked to the church in Amarillo who posted their cardboard testimonies. Well, now Southern Hills has posted theirs...and Tammy Marcelain, the photographer who snapped the picture of us at the Same Kind of Different as Me event, shared this news on her family's cardboard testimony: after chemo and gamma knife radiation, her son has been healed of his brain tumor. (Tammy's family is the second on stage...and Jack holds the cardboard.)

I wish I could have been there to share in the laughter, tears, and applause. Many of us have been following Jack's progress for a when he was Pilot for a Day on Team Dyess. Or when he was in the paper. Tammy's post about the experience is here.

Here's wishing Jack a long and happy life! May God bless him always...


Tammy M. said...

You are so precious to share Jack's story here. Thank you so much for your prayers. I am blessed so much by your kindnesses.

Steelerfan06 said...

I may have just invented and become champion of a new Guiness book record...the fastest man to be brought to tears. People's honesty of failure, humility before God, and stories of success through Christ does it to me every time. Thanks Kris.

mad4books said...

Well, when I read your comment to Karen just now, WE both got choked up about what a great man you Karen & I may have broken a similar record, but in tandem!

Love you and miss you. It stinks that we have to live so far apart right now...let's put in for three mansions on the same golden street in Heaven.

(Maybe on the same block as Jack's!)

Melanie said...

The cardboard testimonies ALWAYS brings me to tears! Just as your brother said, it is awesome to see people who are willing to be honest with God and allow Him to make the changes and then give Him back all the glory!! Thanks for sharing! HURRAY FOR JACK! :)