Thursday, March 05, 2009

Phone FAIL.

Please enjoy last night's Communication Breakdown! Here is an actual phone call from last night:

me: "Hello?"

caller: "Hello! Kristy?"

me: "Yes, this is Kristy."

caller, with slight Middle Eastern accent: "Do you know who this is?"

me: "I have no idea. Oh...hold this Abdel?"

caller: "Yes!"

me: "Oh, listen--I want to THANK YOU for that meatball soup! I packed it and took it up to school for my lunch today, and it was simply DELICIOUS! I can't believe you made that from scratch!"

caller, hesitantly: "Oo-kaaaay. Hey, are you going to be at bagpipe practice tomorrow night?"

me: "Yeah, I was planning on it."

caller: "Great. I'll have those DVDs for you."

me: "Oh, I already have the DVD. It's sitting right here on my dresser! I guess Karen must have slipped it into my room."

caller, after a long pause: "You already have the DVDs we talked about last week?"

me, after another long pause: "Is this Abdel?"

caller: "Yes. Adel!"

me: "We discussed some DVDs last week?"

caller: (silence)

me: "Hold on. A-del? Not AB-del? Oh, this is Dr. ----?"

caller: "Yes! Adel -----!"

me: "Oh, dear! Oh, how embarrassing! I thought you were ABDEL! Well, no wonder this conversation didn't make any sense. You probably thought I'd lost my mind...making me soup and whatnot. Oh, how funny!"

caller, clearly convinced he has dialed a lunatic: "Okay. Well. I'll have those Scottish videos for you tomorrow. See you then. Perhaps we'll discuss a change in your meds."

(Okay, he didn't say that last part...but I could hear him thinking it...)

And since we're on the subject, here's a tie FAIL for your enjoyment:


Kirsten said...

Hah, thought it was very interesting to see the tie take shape with the background. It did take me a while, but I had it before they said anything. Now you know they were laughing long before the guy even figured all that out! And hearing your conversation explained in life was much more fun then reading it here, but I still read it and laughed about it again.

Melanie said...

Where do you find these things!?? This was too funny! We figured it out before the guy too! I took the kids to the local TV station when they were younger and we got go on the sets & hear the explanations of what colors to wear & not wear etc! :) FUN!