Saturday, February 28, 2009

...and a road that goes forever...

--from Chris Rea's "Texas," 1989

"Well I got a little brother
Several meters high
Yeah he's built just like a quarterback
And he swears he'll testify

Says he's been to Texas
And that's the only place to be

Big steaks, big cars,
no trouble here
That's the place for me

I'm going to Texas
I'm going to Texas
Watch me walking
Watch me walking"

UPDATE: Did you hear that Andy Richter and Conan are joining forces once again? Oh, and speaking of Conan, I'm flat-out begging you to click THIS. You will weep with laughter...


Kirsten said...

You do realize that that was a Trabant from East Germany, in East Germany and they are on their way to Texas...hah! Those GI's could never have fixed that car. It was a piece of junk and couldn't drive on West German Highways! When the border opened and they all started driving on 'real' streets they had loads of fun as those cars weren't made well. But those cars held up on East German roads where the 'good' German cars didn't! They figured that out when they went ahead and bought all those Western cars just to break them on their roads! But good music neverless :-)
You didn't think you would get a History lesson out of that one, did you?!
Oh, and I have to verify with 'prove' hows that for fun!

mad4books said...

My mom can't get enough of The Trabant...which, in addition to being an East German car, was a thrill ride at Hershey Park in the Seventies! (I bear the wounds from Mom's fingernails until this day.)

If my dad ever finds the photo of Mom he snapped right after she exited The Trabant ramp, I'll share it with the world.

Giggling hysterically,
One of the Trabant Trio

P.S. According to Wikipedia, The Trabant was recently dismantled and moved to the Dutch Wonderland amusement park, outside of Lancaster, Pa. so we can "relive the magic" the next time we visit The Poconos! (Giggling again.)

Bluebonnetgirl said...

Oh, NOOO, NOT a Trabant!! I could never have made it in East Germany, and I'll go out of my way to avoid Dutch Wonderland, or should we say EAST Dutch Wonderland? You two girls suckered Russ and me into that fiasco, running ahead and planting yourselves in the ride's train car without asking permission! If you've noticed, I haven't been back to an amusement park with you since!

You're still in the 'suckering' business, aren't you? Now, you're suckering your "little" brother to follow you; this time it's not onto the Trabant thrill ride, but on to Texas. That's NOT FAIR!!

Anonymous said...

As to the Trabant...I had heard that the windshield was not the safest glass,when broken...I wonder if Kirsten can confirm? There are worse places than Texas, especially when one considers that some of the nicest people on Earth live there, and are generous, big-hearted people who say, as you are leaving their house, 'Do you have to go?'

Enjoyed the clip, AND Conan, for the first time I ever could actually enjoy the man. He is not as tall as I was told...6'4" is not all that tall, but looks taller on a skinny redheaded Irishman.

I think that Texas needs to annex Colorado, and all will be well. A line of Rocky Mountains would slow down the tornadoes, too..