Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad! Happy Honor Breakfast, Molly!

Posing for the camera, dodging Aunt Kristy's kisses, & singing "Happy Birthday" to Grandpa! (Dad was treated to "Happy Birthday" in TWO languages this morning; after we finished the last notes of our song, Kirsten piped up with "Hoch Soll Er Leben!")

A photo of Dad taken in grass-less Andrews, Texas...
along with dialogue from his favorite movie, Raising Arizona!


Tom said...

Hi, Baby,
It was great to start the day with the birthday song in two languages. Mom and I have had a great day, even though I am fighting a terrible allergy. About the picture in your blog of me sitting in the sand, that was taken in the front yard of the trailer camp in Andrews. I was probably in the first grade, about 1947.

It is flattering to a dad to be loved and remembered by his sweet children. And I am proud of Molly's achievements that culminated in her being honored at the Madison breakfast.


Steelerfan06 said...

All four of you girls looked great at the b'fast! I like Karen's glasses. Hadn't seen her w/ those before. Congrats to Molly!

Great display of the Easter pic. Dad and I used that same quote when talking about that pic this week! That was one barren, harsh looking place.