Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fun on the wrong side of the tracks.

I sincerely, genuinely wish that I could share all of the photos from last night's Trailer Trash Party, but my book club friends would kill me dead. DEAD. (The clothes were tacky, the jewelry was over the top, and there was a WHOLE LOTTA skin.)

Instead, please enjoy photos of our really bad food. (Oh, wait...correction: Libby's strawberry shortcake, from her mother's recipe, was DELICIOUS! God bless Eileen Rea.)

Preparing the table with pork rinds, Pringles, nuts, Moon Pies, Slim Jims, and other culinary delights.

Ben, hoping for a dropped Slim Jim.

Spam and spray cheese!

Spam bites.


Curiously, no one opened the sardines.

Moon pies and Vienna sausages. (You can't hide money.)

Playing after the party was over. Finally allowed to tumble and bark and misbehave. In fact, Dolly & May Bee tore apart the beloved bison when Falisha and I turned our backs...doggone it!

Everyone loved Jeannette Walls' The Glass Castle, and *some* of us loved Still Alice. Next month, we're up for Three Cups of Tea. (Book club details to be arranged, and it's a sure bet that tea will be served. We are NOT wearing burkas, though. Period.)


The Driskells said...

LOVE the trailor trash theme! Hilarious! Did anyone bring an old refigerator or car to put in your front yard?

Steelerfan06 said...

One bison, two dogs. It was bound to happen.
I'm either really hungry or more redneck than I thought, cuz that food looks/sounds good to me.

The Dynamic Uno said...

Awesome! The Glass Castle was interesting when I read it, although I often wonder how much is true. Your next book is supposed to be fabulous--although it's still on my TBR shelf. :)