Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Bluebonnetgirl said...

FANceee! What's the occasion? Is that ginger cookie dough? It looks like apricot jam, Nutella, and the Reese's pepper jelly fillings were used. How did they taste?

Love ya,

mad4books said...

It WAS fanceee! Kirsten and I were brainstorming what I could take to the potluck the book club was having before discussing the Book of Esther. Then I remembered that there was a feast associated with Mordecai, found recipes for Hamentashen, and the rest is history. (Kirsten taught me what to do, and this recipe absolutely would NOT have happened without her.)

The dough was whole wheat and had TWO ORANGES in it. (Her KitchenAid stand mixer made quick work of it.)

Kirsten has an amazing baker's would be so envious. (Oh, and in an attempt to make Haman truly spin in his grave, we put a West Texas spin on it...jalapeno jelly!)

You called all 3 ingredients correctly!

The Dynamic Uno said...

Lovin' the jalapeno jelly!

Melanie said...

Looks yummy! :) Travis has his hot peppers growing in the garden and the goal is to made hot pepper jelly this year! (of course my NH version won't be too hot!) LOL

Looks very tastey! Hope you enjoyed your potluck & book discussion!

Love, Mel.