Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Christmas card rejects!

Too blurry.
(HUGE dogfight right after this was snapped, btw.)

Too unruly!

Yikes. Ghost dog! Too scary.

Too smoky.

Hey, finally! A good one! Oh, wait...you can see the package of turkey hot dogs I was using to keep May Bee's attention.

Oh, cute! I'll use THIS one! Wait...hold on. On second thought,
that hot dog package could NOT be more unfortunately placed.

This reject has been so unanimously popular,
it might actually make it onto the card.

That third cup of nog was a mistake.

CUTE! Oh, wait. The stupid hot dog package ruins yet another photo. (Maybe I should put the hot dog bites in my mouth, like the dog trainers in the movie Best in Show!)

WRONG!!!! This will NOT be on anyone's Christmas card.
(This one made Karen laugh hysterically as she tried to sputter, "CANIS!" Remember the SNL commercial for a cologne called Canis? No? Good.)

Argh. May Bee! Quit obsessing with the stupid hot dogs!
They're TURKEY dogs, anyway.

"Okay. Let's call it a wrap. May Bee just ate the ball off the Santa hat."


The Driskells said...

The "unfortunately placed" pic was my favorite! Send that one out and see who actually notices!!!

: )
Thanks for the laugh!

Steelerfan06 said...

I love the Christmas card reject blog! Each snapshot gives a glimpse of the chaos going on when taken. My favorite was also the nose shot of MayBee. When reading the captions, they began to sound like the misfit reindeer that didn't make it to Santa's starting team, "On blurry, unruly, on scary and smoky. On turkey, on nosey, on sleepy, kissy and licky. Now trash away, trash away, trash away all!"

mad4books said...


My thoughts for your day said...

Fun! I had a similar series of pix from trying to get an engagement photo of Terry and myself for the paper ~32 years ago. Can you guess which one of us was holding the turkey treats to get the other one to sit still for a photo back then?

Denise said...

I agree with the Driskells. It is either the unfortunately placed hot dog or the big doggie nose. What a hoot!

Melanie said...

Doggie nose or a total re-do! OR maybe you can use the 'misplaced' hotdog shot by zooming in on you & Mae Bee thus eliminating the pkg. all together! :) Have fun!! Thanks for the laugh!! LOL Looks like you guys had a blast doing this!!

Vonnie Perry said...

Hilarious! Loved them!
I especially like the one with the snout looking like a reindeer!

Janet's Journey said...

I laughed out loud. You look the best in the big nose picture and it's the funniest.

Anonymous said...

I like the one with the warthog. -Terry

Donna Lanier said...

How hilarious, Kristy. Loved the pictures and the captions. Maybe you should do an e-Christmas card and send them all out. They tell such a funny story! Donna

Mrs. Langford said...

Oh what fun, I didn't know who the pictures were of for the first few frames! I laughed till I cried!