Friday, April 16, 2010

Actual family email exchange...

TO: Mom & Dad; Russ; Kristy; Houston
SUBJECT: Out of office Thursday & Friday

I’m going to be out of the office tomorrow and Friday, so please be aware that my sub will need to have access my e-mail.  Don’t e-mail any juicy family secrets, please!  LOL



TO: Mom & Dad; Russ; Karen; Houston
SUBJECT:  RE: Out of office Thursday & Friday

Hey, Karen!

San Antonio is great...and I just ran into our cousin, Jamie. He's out of prison...and five years sober (YAY!). He said his stretch in The Pen really made him reexamine his life so I'm sure he'll be fine. He couldn't stay with Aunt Dorothy because of the restraining order, but Uncle Fizz is letting him crash on the sofa until he graduates from the locksmith course.


P.S. He said to ask you where you hid the loot. (I didn't understand his cryptic message, but he said you'd know...)

P.P.S. Oh, well, back to the library conference. There's a session at noon about which Dewey Decimal number we should use for books on peaches since they're technically a "stone fruit." The debate should get rather heated and loud, and I don't wanna miss THAT!


TO: Kristy
SUBJECT: RE: RE: Out of office Thursday & Friday

You're wicked.


Melanie said...

Gotta love it! :) You are still keeping everyone on their toes and enjoying every minute of it! TOO FUNNY! LOL :)

The Driskells said...

Such great sisterly love!

And yes there's another on the way!

: ) Kara