Friday, April 09, 2010

Thank Heaven for little girls!

Is there anything cuter than kittens? YES! Little girls who narrate books for you! (Bethany and Karen, her stream-of-consciousness flow reminded me of the HOURS we've spent doing the exact same thing with catalogs open on our laps...)


Melanie said...

Too funny! :) Yup, I remember doing this as a kid and my kids doing this too!

Kristy, are you a 'You-Tube' junkie!??? LOL Where do you keep coming up with these things!??

Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

The Dynamic Uno said...

Madison was not impressed, but I thought it was hilarious! Thanks for sharing!!

Steelerfan06 said...

My favorite page interpretations of hers:
"I'm on beef jerky!"
"Double head!"
"I have to go potty! (Look at his feet...pssssssst.)"

mad4books said...

Oh, Russ! I loved hearing your favorites, but "I'm her mom. (No, she's not.)" was my personal morsel of choice!

Now I wanna' play the Catalog Game with someone!!!!!!!!!!!