Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Monday, Mom!

I'm not sure my mom has ever entirely forgiven my grandfather ("Bobo," a half-Swedish/half-Texan Borden milkman and elder in the Church of Christ) for denying her the chance to see The King when he came to Corpus Christi. And while my generation probably doesn't appreciate Elvis as much as we should, I really liked this one..and the reaction of the two ladies at 2:25 gives me a little peek into the adoration!

P.S. Thanks to Karen's Porch blog for this one!!


Melanie said...

Do you remember where you were when you heard that he had died? August 1977... we were all of 13!

mad4books said...

You know it? I answered the front door to a weeping woman who was coming to tell my mom the news. We lived in our weird silver twin home that we shared with Sam & Marian Cocayne. (That's right. We lived in a silver house with the Cocaynes.)

Life was weird in the 'Seventies.

Bluebonnetgirl said...

I remember getting the news of his death as I returned from a lunch break to my job as a teller at Girard Bank in Shillington, PA (later it was bought by American Bank & Trust and then by Meridian). The other two tellers were sitting in stunned shock, and it was as though all activity had freeze-framed. Bank business slowed to a stop, and we were all in disbelief and denial.