Friday, November 12, 2010


I climbed that. (It was NOT my idea.)
We sat on top of the grain bin and ate wheat right out of the trap door on the top.
And then my favorite Blood Donor and I watched the sun set.
(Oh, and there may have been a smooch or two...)


Anonymous said...

This takes dating to a whole new 'elevation'...nothing like a Texas sunset from a high place. Please do not do this from an oil tank though. Lost a friend that way, from funes.

Nice pictures.

Cut out that smooching.


Anonymous said...

fumes, that is.

Melanie said...

How cool & romantic is that! :) Good for you!

The Driskells said...

OK. The mom in me has a few words to share.

#1 - What the heck are you doing up on top of a grain bin!!!!! You could have fallen and broken a leg or something! What if you fell in that trap door and got smothered in that wheat! Are you crazy? Find a new date place that is less thrilling!

#2 - Who's this new love in your life that you're smooching with? Momma needs details and background checks!

: ) OK. I feel better now that I got that off my chest!

: ) Kara

Bluebonnetgirl said...

Thank you, Kara. You said everything I was thinking. :>) Kristy is usually very cautious, and I'm sure she was careful. She was never much of a 'climber,' so it surprises me that she took her dating to new heights.

Hey, I think I can see California from Mr. McCain's back yard.

mad4books said...

Y'all are crackin' me up!

Okay, it wasn't THAT dangerous. (I don't think a fall would have killed me, but I probably would have *wished* that it did...)

Oh, and my fellow smoochee is a sweet guy from church! (Kara, you must have just missed him; he used to attend New Life.)

Cindy said...

The sheer height would prevent me from going there! lol! But good for you for being adventurous.

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