Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Open your home...and your heart.

P.S. My birthday yesterday was fun-filled and fabulous--except for when May Bee sprayed the veterinarian like a skunk with her anal glands (!)...and then two hours later, when I was at the doctor myself, wishing humans had the same option.

P.P.S. The vet laughed out loud when he brought May Bee back to the little exam room after her shots and I gasped, "What is that horrible smell? Is it...umm...FEAR?" He explained that sometimes dogs who are afraid will express their anal glands. (I had no idea. None. When Karen called last night to wish me a happy birthday, I asked if she ever heard of dogs doing that, and she proposed that only dogs whose hearts are black and evil could pull off such a diabolical stunt.)

Oh, wait...don't let those two revolting postscripts keep you from adopting a pet.

May Bee makes my day, every  single day! (What's a little fanny spray among friends, anyway?) People with pets live longer, happier share your home with a companion asap! Make a holiday wish come true for a homeless dog or cat...ADOPT!


Melanie said...

Only one question.... WHY DO ALL THESE CRAZY UNHEARD OF THINGS HAPPEN TO YOU?!! I'm so glad your vet is awesome enough to understand your dog! Hope your day is better then your last! :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you will be as accepting when you visit your elderly parents with their age-related accidental "eccentricities" when you visit them in the nursing home someday. Perhaps an appropriate stocking stuffer might be a Wizard room deodorizer? Or potpourri? Or Lysol disinfectant? :>)