Sunday, June 18, 2006

It's floodin' down in Texas.

Yesterday was crazy. I helped my sister move her things to Kevin's house in Breckenridge (the wedding's next weekend)...and severe thunderstorms and hail kept me there until about 10:30 when I braved the weather to get to my own shower and bed. I was exhausted (I've been getting up before 5:00 a.m. for more than a month now with the new puppy.) Got back to town around 11:30, went straight to sister's house & let her dog out, put him back in, fed her cat, and went home to take my own dogs out and work on May Bee's puppy training *at midnight*.

It was well after midnight when I stepped out of the shower, and it felt SO WEIRD to be *getting ready for bed* as the BBC Sunday morning news show was on. (I RARELY get to hear that show! Sometimes, if I wake up really early on Sunday morning, I can hear the tail end of it--usually interviews and cricket results--before "Speaking of Faith" comes at six o'clock.)

Then up at 6:00 a.m. this morning to take my dogs out to their Special Corner and feed them (and myself), run to sister's house to let her dog out, and I took pictures of the storm damage there.

Josh surveys the damage.

Her back fence is down so she can more fully enjoy the neighbor's sunflowers. (Her dog already "enjoyed" them, sprinkling them with his Retriever Marking Spray. If one of these sunflowers immediately starts to grow better OR takes a turn for the worse, they'll know which one.) I had to physically get Josh out of the neighbor's yard when he conveniently acquired a case of Instant Onset Acute Deafness this morning and suddenly couldn't hear me calling him back onto Karen's property.

The Triad office building between Karen's house & mine.

Then to U-Haul to return the dolly. Then to Walgreen's to get Mike a Father's Day card from the dogs. I've finally crashed in front of the computer and am considering a second coffee and some ibuprofen... :-)

Happy Father's Day, everybody!

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Anonymous said...

You are the BEST sister who ever walked the planet. (Hmmm...walk? Or do you gracefully flit about? Do angels walk?) I can't thank you enough for all you continually do for me. You still rescue me day after day, even when "I've just got to be me." My kidney is yours, should you ever need it.

Forever in your debt (literally),