Saturday, August 19, 2006

Doggie Splash Day is the second-best day of the year!

Here's how to have the best-behaved, SLEEPIEST dogs on the block in the afternoon:

Take them to Doggie Splash Day at the pool in the morning! The best $4 Mike and I ever spent. :-)

Misha won a fantastic door prize--a wicker pet bed (see above--May Bee is sleeping in it right now!) filled with goodies like toilet-seat latches so your pooch can't drink from The Pot (our potty lids stay down so we'll have to give those to some other family), Beneful food, Kong toys, biscuits, chew toys, etc.!

It was the last door prize of the day, and it's a beaut! (Like our Misha...)

And then it was off to Shotwell Stadium for Houston's scrimmage against Cisco. It was ROASTINGLY hot (98 degrees) so I left early after filming Houston a little and doing some perfunctory Aunt Duty; Hannah and Molly came back to my house for pizza. Kevin & Karen got to go out to eat by themselves which made a nice (rare) treat, and Molly and I had some fun with the dogs.

It's all on videotape. If I ever learn to burn DVDs, you may get a copy. :-)

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