Saturday, August 12, 2006

May Bee goes to the hospital.

Well, poor May Bee had her operation...she's been fixed. (Or as Karen put it, "May Bee just became May Bee Not.") The morning of her Big Day, she wasn't supposed to have any food or water. Well, I couldn't feed & water Misha without giving anything to the puppy so we all just skipped breakfast. (They were just going *Krazy with a K* wondering why that mean lady wouldn't go in the pantry and get them some kibble RIGHT NOW, dadgummit!) They kept running to the pantry door, running back to me, bumping into my legs in a meaningful way, licking my hands pleadingly...and just plain driving ME crazy. Playing ball and tug-of-war in the backyard only worked for a little while, so to take their minds off their cruelly imposed diet, we did what these dogs like best--ROAD TRIP!
That afternoon, when Mike brought May Bee home, she was exhausted and sore and a different dog altogether. We kept the dogs separated and gave the little one lots of TLC. She curled up in her kennel, when she wasn't in one of our laps for a cuddle.A half-hearted sniff of her toy:
The good news is that she's all better. We took her to the vet this week to get her stitches out, and the vet warned us that now we need to be vigilant not to let her get overweight. He joked that he's made her more "fuel efficient." (So *that's* why women complain about gaining weight after hysterectomies! It's not a BAD thing; we're just more economical, and our food goes a little further than it used to.) :-)

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