Sunday, December 10, 2006

I love my job…

…because kids are WAY more fun than grownups. (I can’t imagine spending my day with adults…and their weird hang-ups and issues and office politics. Ick.) At least with moody teenagers/preteens, you can take one look at their faces and know exactly where you stand! Every episode of The Office reminds me of how lucky teachers are to spend their days with the young ones...

Maybe it’s more fun to spend the day with kids because I have an immature sense of humor (anything related to *The Potty* cracks me up), and sixth graders usually laugh at my NOT-FUNNY-AT-ALL jokes.

For example:

Last week, student volunteers came up the teaching computer and showed the class how to navigate to various web sites by typing URLs in the address bar. (You would *not believe* how many struggling students lack this skill.) One student successfully demonstrated to the class how to get to, and one of the Latest News headlines projected up on the enormous library screen read “Dog Saves 91-Year-Old Owner from Deadly Gas” (see capture below).

I remarked to the class that my dog actually *HAS* deadly gas…and they about fell out of their chairs. (Middle schoolers make every day wonderful. Well, almost every day…)

In a related story, I accidentally cracked myself up this weekend. As I stirred a crockpot full of lentil soup, May Bee let a particularly “deadly” one rip on my shoes. Misha and I ran for our lives as I called out over my shoulder, “UGH! May Bee! No soup for you!”

“NO SOUP FOR YOU?!?” (HA! Get it? Season seven of Seinfeld?) I laughed hysterically…42 on the outside, but not on the inside…

More proof that the humor part of my brain is stuck in sixth grade--the “Poopsmith Song” has played on this laptop more than a hundred times. I can’t get enough of it.

Mele Kalikmaka,
the eternal adolescent

P.S. For more info on 91 year-old Rose Cappola and her noble terrier, see or .

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Melanie said...

Boy did I laugh as I related to this post!! :) It is amazing how 'stuffy' us 'older folk' can become without the blessing of the youth around us! One Sunday afternoon Audrey had 2 of her girlfriends over and we were talking about 'favorite movies' I commented on how I loved the movie "Shall We Dance" with Richard Gere .... and then added, he is a hot actor!! Audrey's friend Emily burst out laughing and said, "HEY, that can't come out of your mouth... that is just wrong!" LOL I was told I was suppose to have said, 'he's handsome' or 'good-looking' ... LOL I told her that he was past those comments and definately HOT! WE ARE ALL STILL LAUGHING!! :)
Keep Loving those kids!! Mel.