Monday, December 25, 2006


Get it? Yule BLOG? :-)

Hey, check out my "pottyscape" (yes, that IS a word now that Sandra Lee on the Food Network tosses around "tablescape" like it's in the OED).

The bathroom window shelf, View One.

The bathroom window shelf, View Two.

Closeup attempt of cute new antique day/date thingy.

Hmm. This one isn't any better...but check out the little reindeer from Courtney & Kelsey! (I added them to the pottyscape the very night they gave them to me.)

BTW, I found the PERFECT place to do my Christmas shopping...the Elmwood Antique Mall on South Seventh Street. I went there the other day and had the whole place to myself, except for the welder who followed me from booth to booth, unsuccessfully flirting. (Men do not flirt with me; men flirt with my sister. I don't know WHAT was wrong that poor guy..."A" for Effort, though...)

He did have some interesting stories, truth be told. (He nearly lost his thumb last month while roping a calf in Colorado! He's in the middle of a Houston lawsuit! Etc.!) If we ever need a welder, he'll be our guy.

Oh, and the bargains! One booth had everything marked down half-price, and I bought EIGHT place settings of Christmas dishes for only $15! (Microwave AND dishwasher safe!) They're beautiful, and we used them the other night for the Coq au Vin feast.

Cute, huh? (The bread plate is sitting ON the dinner plate...4-piece place setting.)

And the little day/date thingy from the photos above (that will stay set on Christmas Day all year long)? Only TWO dollars!

Oh, wait...there was one other person there...a hilarious, nicotine-addicted, potty-mouthed grandmother who nearly made me faint the first time she dropped a Curse Bomb. (Oh, wait. There was one college kid, too. And that was all. The whole time I was there....three other people in a giant antique mall. No traffic, no crowds...a parking space close to the door...and a coffee shop across the street.)

Sandra von Newlywed (adorable blog at recently found a great place to shop in San Francisco that served its mall-avoiding Christmas customers hot cider with a shot of Grand Marnier and whipped cream. Yum! The Elmwood Mall isn't quite that generous, but it was a lot of fun..and I'll bet Sandra & Clayton couldn't pick up 32 dishes for $15 at the hoity-toity cider-serving boutique. :-)

Long live the Antique Mall!


bo_berrin said...

(laughing at "Yule Blog" and "Pottyscape")

Forgive the welder--it's not his fault. You must cease denying your inner kevorka, darling. Own it; embrace it; celebrate it.

And I'll copy and paste here what I wrote on Sandra's blog about high-dollar shops serving drinks:

"Speaking of stores serving yummy drinks, Kevin and I were in an art gallery this past summer and one of the employees asked if we'd like something to drink. Kevin asked what they had and she offered soft drinks, bottled water or Bailey's coffee. Since he doesn't usually drink, I was surprised when he took the spiked coffee. After taking a few sips, he whispered to me, 'This coffee is good, but it doesn't taste anything like bay leaves.' What really cracked me up was that he would even opt for what he thought was 'bay leaves coffee'."

I love the cute things you found at the antique mall--let me know next time you're going there--I'm going with you!

Linda said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dishes!! You have always been such a good shopper! $15 ???? Are you KIDDING me?

Way to go!