Sunday, December 24, 2006


…and Happy TENTH Anniversary to us!

Last night’s dinner was amazing…the best of my (admittedly few) culinary adventures. And here’s the funny part--I didn’t even know that Courtney and Kelsey and Ayden were coming until I was in the shower, about thirty minutes before they arrived. It turned out great, though, because I was showering while the chicken baked, and the Pear Crisp & Spoon Rolls were warming in the lower oven.

Spoon Rolls & Pear/Cranberry Crisp
(Yes, I know *someone* obviously sampled both of these...had to make sure they were yummy...)

Coq au Vin and Rosemary Nuts in the top oven

Here’s the menu (I shopped and cooked for days):

3 Vegetarian Appetizers:
Eggplant Caviar (served with whole wheat pita chips)
Red Pepper Hummus (served with garlic pita chips)
Rosemary Nuts (BIG hit!)

Mojitos (Mike made 3 adult versions and one alcohol-free one for Kelsey)

Coq au Vin (made with red wine and fresh mushrooms)
Broccoli Crowns
Spoon Rolls (my grandmother’s recipe)

Pear and Cranberry Crisp

Served with LOVE!
(Hey, check out my Christmas manicure! In the middle of all the grocery shopping and cooking, I totally destressed at Kellen's Nails. Now I'm stressing about how to keep them pretty with all of this cooking and dishwashing...)

The only thing on the menu not homemade was the hummus, which I bought with a coupon so I’m still happy with it. Oh, and Grandma Fowler’s spoon rolls were not at all Sugar Busters-friendly…which is weird because my grandmother was an insulin-dependent diabetic. I *did* use whole-wheat flour and will play with it more in the future. It involves yeast, though, so the sugar probably has to stay. (Is that right? Doesn’t yeast need sugar?)

Proud "Pop"

Proud "Grammy"

So, anyway, I’m tucked in my recliner the next morning with an iced coffee, May Bee’s snuggled in her wicker basket, and Misha’s hiding in her Happy Kennel. (We played ball in the cold, barren backyard until the girls got into a fight.) Our cozy morning was interrupted when NPR did a story on the most-hated Christmas carols and played dogs barking “Jingle Bells” and then some krazy-with-a-K cat carol; May Bee hated those songs, too, and couldn’t relax until Bing came back on.

At the moment, KACU is playing a live feed from King’s College in Cambridge--the annual carol service. It’s BEAUTIFUL! One man flies from Dallas each year to wait in line for DAYS for the free concert. (For a touching BBC story about the annual queue and how one reporter gave away his ticket, go to !)

Merry Christmas…and may God bless us, every one!



Sandra said...

Your menu made me hungry!
Happy Holidays.
Hope to see you this week.

Kirsten said...

Guess Sandra was first to read the blog. And maybe she can find some Christmas 'traditions' in your food corner! Seems you made interesting veggie items. But is caviar a vegetable?! LOL!

bo_berrin said...

I loved the pictures--I can't believe how fast Ayden's growing! (It looks like May Bee was either biting Courtney on the ear or telling her a funny secret--cute picture!)

Your meal looked absolutely delicious. I'd love to try the coq au vin and pear/berry crisp. You and I must have been checking out the same cooking websites--I was going to try the rosemary nuts, too, but I had so many other things that I decided to wait on those. Now I'm really looking forward to trying them.