Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Memories

Here's hoping that everyone I love has a happy, safe, and thoughtful Memorial Day/Decoration Day. We are so blessed to live in this wonderful country, and we have all of our veterans to thank...the ones who came home alive and the ones who did not.

Below is a picture of my great-grandmother in 1908 that I scanned up at work this morning. (Our poor custodians did not get Memorial Day off.) Annie (Larkin) Reid is the little one on the right, posing with her sister Elsie Larkin. Isn't she pretty? I just love her tiny waist, fashionable outfit, strong chin, and GLASSES!

Grandmother Reid passed away in 1928, never knowing that the infant son she left behind would die in World War II, strapped in the B-24 bomber "Our Belle." Though he is gone, he has never been forgotten by his two sisters and their families, and he would be so proud that he was mentioned in his nephew's wonderful sermon yesterday!

And here is my Aunt Doris in 1945. Isn't she lovely? It's easy to see why Uncle John fell in love with this spunky Navy WAVE.
And my wonderful uncles, James (Army) and John (Navy)...heroes in our book. And handsome to boot!

May God bless them all!
Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

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