Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wordless Wednesday


mad4books said...

'Fifties Day! Yearbooks! Twist contest! Coke floats! The Bison drumline!

I get to go to school for the REST OF MY cool is that?

(And to the 15 year-old kid who got arrested last week vandalizing our school with grafitti and putting condoms on all the portable classroom doorknobs? Not cool, dude.)

(Oh, and P.S., I'm begging you to put those prophylactics to good use because I don't want YOUR kid on campus in twelve years.)

Kirsten said...

Now why didn't we go out and take a snapshot of that? Wouldn't that have been so very funny to post at our biggining of school party?!? Hmmm...might scare the new teachers away!

chinachat said...

Not that this has anything to do (or maybe it really does!) with your pictures and comments today, but I loved your comment on the guy who rode across China and reported on the culture. I found some of the links to that guy, I think, and I'm gonna read the articles.
This whole thing with teaching American Culture is hard for me, because I'm not the typical American, but who is? So, thanks for your comment. I'm gonna use it in my class. :)