Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What's buggin' me?

BUGS! That's what.

Today is the day that Kirsten and I take 33 kids to Mr. Gatti's to meet all of the district's other top middle school readers at an awards luncheon. Unless you've been to Mr. Gatti's with a large group of kids (we're expecting more than a hundred), you have no idea how overwhelming this prospect can be...the beeping, the noise, the flashing lights, the blaring music, the screams and laughter of hundreds of students thrilled to be off campus, the spilled soda and general stickiness.

So it was really important I eat a good breakfast to start this day off right, especially since I haven't been sleeping very well lately. Bacon, cereal, coffee, and vitamins...Breakfast of Champions! Well...with only a few bites of cereal left in the bowl, I noticed that one of the flax seeds in my Uncle Sam Cereal was swimming. FLAX SEEDS DON'T SWIM! Ugh...it had legs!

Here's hoping that there wasn't "a nest of bugs in my peanut faddle," as a date once told Karen, and that I didn't eat any of Mr. Bug's cousins. Here's hoping that he was a loner who FLEW into my bowl to meet his milky demise (run through the disposal with the rest of the uneaten milk & cereal after my appetite mysteriously disappeared).

In other insect-related news:

*The mosquitoes are driving May Bee and me nuts, but they don't seem to bother with Mike and Misha. I killed another one on May Bee this morning. With all of the rain Abilene's had lately, the mosquitoes are everywhere! Karen's family and I COVERED ourselves in bug repellent to get through Molly's all-day-Saturday softball tournament without contracting malaria.
*It's been a month since the Spider Web Incident, and I'm *just now* sure that all of the stringy web is out of my hair.

*May Bee is going crazy eating all the bugs in the yard. She's so happy that the rain has brought her a smorgasbord of moths and butterflies and beetles. Pretty soon the May Beetles will be here, and she will eat them until she throws up like she did last year.


Steelerfan06 said...

Sorry to hear you're not sleeping well...and that you ate a bug....and that Abilene is crawling and buzzing right now. Has it been humid or hot there to complete the quadfecta of nastiness?

mad4books said...

HA! Actually, it's been the wettest, COOLEST May I ever remember. Today is supposed to be 82 degrees, and Thursday is only supposed to reach 69 degrees according to www.ktxs.com!

It's been pretty wonderful, if you don't mind slapping the mosquitoes draining the blood from your extremities...

bo_berrin said...

LOL So YOU'RE the reason I had to call Mr. Gatti's back. I called to speak to the manager at lunchtime, and the girl said apologetically and nervously, "Can you call him back in an hour? We just had 102 elementary students walk in!"

I've been with Madison students at a Gatti's feeding frenzy, so I fully understand the term, "general stickiness". My sympathies. ;-)

Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

Oooohhhh! I hope you had A LOT of fun! Despite the fact I only had 2 last year go to Mr. Gatti's (I hope Amy had more this year)it was still fun. Or maybe I had fun because I only had 2 kids...hmmmm...In any case--I hope you ate tons of cheese pizza for me and faked riding that kids ride like we did last year.

Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

Oh--and the bug incident...that's icky! Madison brought "mommy" a roach (kicking its legs) for Mother's Day to show me what a wonderful kitty she is....YUCK! Where's the pest control's number?!

mad4books said...

Blech! Ick!

Roaches are NOT presents...I'll take spiderweb over roach ANY day.