Thursday, August 21, 2008

I know! I know!

Sorry that it's taking me forever to put up pics of the new house, but that's because it's a sea of boxes, "unhung" ("unhanged?") pictures, clothes, and more boxes stacked on other boxes (in the sea of cardboard and totes).

The electrician was here today fixing a board that came plumb OFF the house, taking the electrical housing with it. Houston *almost* has to duck to walk through the backyard! The power was off for about six hours, and they're coming back tomorrow to fix the range and do a few final things. After that, the city will inspect their work, and THEN the utility company will come attach the electricity to the top of the house instead of the board just over our heads (the one that split in half).

Last night was the kids' first night in the new house. They love being closer to their schools (and parks and stores and restaurants and Mom's work and EVERYTHING, except Mr. Burger), but we are all finding ourselves wishing for more storage. (If your house has no basement, attic, or garage, what do you do with all of your STUFF? Do you display your tools on the coffee table? Keep your Christmas tree up all year? ARGH! This is certainly a challenge!!!)


Melanie said...

OH BELIEVE ME, I KNOW AAALLLL ABOUT NO SPACE!! LOL We have 6 of us living in a small trailer!! We've all laughed over the idea of hanging a Christmas tree 'poster' on the back of the door during December! We are now in the 'pitch & hoe' mode... cleaning out and throwing away. (not an easy task for this sentimental ol' mom!) God's way of helping us was to make sure we had TONS of snow & BUCKETS of rain... the storage unit leaked and hence we've lost lots of stuff to the wet & ruined piles heading to the dump!! :( I guess I should be thankful... it makes the decision making process easier! LOL :)

Kirsten said...

You put the tools in the laundry room, or under the sink LOL!

You can also put them under your bed :-)

Other then that...get rid of what you don't need...and keep moving often so you don't accumulate!!! (how do you spell that?)

And, remember, it's all yours!!! No one to share it want to move a wall, you do it :-)

Keep your head up, it's your last move...for awhile (insert a big grin here!)

betheeegail said...

*ahem* you purge. and then purge some more. and when you purge, you get rid of more than just 4 or 5 things from your closet.

Melanie said...

Ouch... spoken as only a daughter can! LOL :)

Actually, under bed storage (plastic bins) AND ingenious space saver storage systems for a few of the closets would do wonders!

Use the addage "What doesn't have a 'home' stays out of the home." :) LOL Does that help?! :)

Can't wait to see pictures!

The Dynamic Uno said...

How high are your ceilings? I tend to store "up" like they do in NYC. Room dividers are also really great for "hiding" things too. Tools are usually by the washer/dryer or under the sink. (And you thought Kirsten was kidding.) Congratulations!