Saturday, August 30, 2008

Today was wonderful!

Doggie Splash Day is more fun than Six Flags or Christmas...and it's good for you, too! May Bee and I are wiped out and heading to bed while we listen to Dave Smith's radio program "The Appetizer" on KACU.

Thanks for making this day terrific go to Kirsten and Dan, Hannah and Molly, Jason and Tiffany (who drove EIGHT AND A HALF HOURS TO SWIM WITH THEIR BABIES!) May Bee, Jaeger, Rhowdie, Maggie, the folks at KRBC who put us ON THE NEWS...and everyone who helped sponsor or coordinate the 5th Annual Doggie Splash Day!

(It was a BLAST! Check this space and Kirsten's blog later for photos! Give us a while, though...between swimming and moving, we're exhausted!)

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Melanie said...

How cool is that to have a doggie splash day!! :) I've never heard of it... although, I do remember you mentioning (maybe even posting last year!

It is amazing that all the dogs get along and that there aren't any incidents between them!

I remember Pete and the kids bringing Toby canoeing and his discovery that you can't 'walk on water' as he stepped out of the canoe! He loves the water ... but it was a priceless AND CAMERA-LESS moment! :) So glad that you & May Bee and friends enjoyed the day....