Wednesday, August 06, 2008

No time to be wordless...

...since it takes longer for a Wordless Wednesday photo to load than to type up a paragraph or two, I'll opt for Wordy Wednesday. (If we had DSL, I'd post another photo of Jaeger...or Rhowdie with his toys...since I went over there today to put them in before the rain came!)

Since Karen and I have to door "indoor" stuff (sorting & packing) while it rains, I'll quickly share a poem of Bethany's that I found while I was sorting my forty-four years of Happy Life Clutter:

Indian and Birds Poem

I wonder how it feels to fly
high in the...
like a bird.
I wonder how it feels to sit
on a nest...
like a bird.
I wonder how it feels to catch a worm
every morning...
like a bird.
I feel funny...
maybe he is wondering how it feels
to be a man.

--Bethany Hicks


The Dynamic Uno said...

Are you packing for a move into your own place???? :)

mad4books said...

YES!!!! I'm hot and tired and bruised and 97% moved.

Oh, and librarians have a staff development day today. (We have to meet in the CHS library in TWO hours. Hope I can find which box my shoes are might be a smidge unprofessional to show up in my moving gear...)

Melanie said...

How's life in the NEW HOME?!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Can't wait for the updates..... I just know they are coming! (right?) LOL Hugs all around!! :)

mad4books said...

Oh, how I wish that life would slow down and our Internet connection would speed up so that I could share the fun! We forgot/didn't have time/didn't have a camera the day of the Big Move with the Budget truck...and the rat that lives under the storage shed only comes out when there's no camera handy.

In fact, people didn't believe me about the RAT I saw climbing the tree in the backyard and then leaping onto the neighbor's storage shed the first night we spent in the house. Finally, I saw the rat climb into a tire left by the previous owner *in the middle of the day in bright sunshine* and said, "Hey, that a RAT or a mouse?"

She freaked out, finally realizing that I had not been mistaken and was not exaggerating--we have a giant RAT living under our storage shed.

Other surprises at our new house?
*When the washer drains, soapy water backs up into the kitchen sinks.

*The board holding the electrical weatherhead or some such word has pulled away from the house, and it will cost a minimum of $1,620 to fix it.

*I have to turn the shower handles in my teeny-tiny shower on and off with a screwdriver.

*We've inherited a lazy, good-for-nothing cat who droops itself obscenely on all of our possessions & vehicles and freaks us out and drives our dogs crazy. A mouser, it is NOT.