Saturday, December 20, 2008

Charlotte, here we come! (Lord willing!)

Okay, JUST THIS MORNING, Houston and I decided to make the trip to Charlotte! Please pray us all the way in and all the way back home to TEXAS, where my bones belong.

Oh, and btw, I'm like the Harriet Tubman of the Virginia trip; so far, I've made the drive from Texas to Virginia with three teenagers and always let them drive across the Mississippi River...Russell, a stepdaughter, Bethany, and now Houston!

Oh, and in case we don't have access to a computer over the holidays...I'd better let you see the final Christmas picture we used for this year's card (now that you've all had a hearty laugh over the rejects).

Merry Christmas, everybody...God bless us, every one!


Steelerfan06 said...

Can't wait for you to arrive! Drive safely and slowly and we'll have a blast when you arrive.

Tammy M. said...

merry, merry, Christmas.

Melanie said...

Have a blast on your trip! We LOVE driving to vacation destinations! There's so much more to see and the fun in the vehicle along the way! I'm sure you guys will be building memories all the way there & home again! :) DRIVE CAREFULLY! Please give your parents a hug from me!