Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The trip so far...

I got sugar from Falisha!

She got sugar from Chris! (And The Office calendar from me!)

My eyes got a great view from Russ & Amanda Faye's condo!

My toes got a TREAT...a pedicure...while Burl Ives played on the salon stereo.
Best pedicure EVER!

Houston got hours and hours behind the wheel!

Opus got Bojangles! (Karen is simultaneously laughing and crying right now...
laughing at the inside joke Molly made about Bojangles--and
crying because she's not here to sample the 4-piece snack!)
We got TATE!

Russ got Christmas spirit!

We got PIEWORKS in Greensboro! (The "Salonika" with "burn chicken" is
the all-time best pizza ever, hands down.)
Taylor got to decorate the tree!
(Here she is putting up the Texas A&M ornament.)

I got to meet Mr. Caldwell! And see the DVD of his speech!
And meet his *adorable, feisty* wife!

Houston got to see the absolutely amazing tribute Mr. Caldwell made to the crew of the Our Belle II while a POW! Made from threads he was able to pull from Red Cross blankets and other old fabric in the camp.

We got to see the picture of our handsome Uncle Lloyd and his best friend
on the crew, Levi Frank Caldwell!

Taylor and Houston got to punch musical buildings in downtown Charlotte!

Taylor and Amanda Faye got to find out the sex of the BABY...but they're not tellin'!

Russ got to meet Old Greg!

Tonight is Christmas Eve...and tomorrow we head to Charlottesville, Virginia!!!


Anonymous said...

Positively green, green, GREEN with envy!!! Laughing that Opus has Bojangles, crying that I don't, and SICK that I couldn't enjoy this trip with you all! Everybody looks wonderful, healthy and so happy. I can see by Russ' face that he's seen the mix-up. Aaaarrrgghhh! I wanna be there!

Missing you all, and wishing you a very merry Christmas!

Love, Karen

Steelerfan06 said...

Time is flying by much too quickly, but we've made good use of every minute. Tonight we went to a special service at Forest Hill. We've had several great meals out at Lupie's, Buca di Bepo, and Pie Works.
It's 10:30pm on Christmas Eve and I both love and dread morning's arrival because that's when all the anticipation and fun turn back to reality.
Am missing the rest of the family this Christmas, but am so glad Kris and Houston were able to make it. Before bed tonight, I read them all "Twas the Night Before Christmas" in my best British accent (which turned out to be more Australian).
Now it's time for a long winter's nap. Good night all.