Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's a new dawn...it's a new day...

...and I'm feeeeeelin' good!!

Today's historic bulletin board!

Before the Inauguration, we were simultaneously connected via Distance Learning to a live correspondent on the Mall in D.C. and to students from Kenya, New York, and Michigan!

And then DURING the Inauguration, we had over 200 people in the library! After the Inauguration, we played the tape each period until the end of the day for various visiting teachers, regardless of class subject. (Kirsten and I watched the swearing-in five times today!)

And then, after school, the good folks at Reynolds delivered our NEW TABLES!!!

Workin' hard.
Lookin' good.

And then, while I was finishing up today's post, BESSIE LOU CALLED. (Could this day get any better?) She was able to watch the Inauguration at work today, even though she took a little heat for being an Obama supporter. We both agreed that Aretha was amazing, and that Joseph Lowery was, too. (Bethany thought it was funny that I was in tears all day because I'm a Huckabee-Girl-For-Cryin'-Out-Loud, but when Mr. Obama stopped and hugged John Lewis, I got chills. When Rick Warren prayed, I was moved. When Aretha sang, my heart rejoiced. When Joseph Lowery prayed, my heart skipped a beat.)

What a day...

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Steelerfan06 said...

I liked his prayer...except for two things. 1) The accusation that whites have not and are not yet "embracing what is right". I guess he's referring to how prisons are over-capacity with white males. 2) It sounded like he forgot who he was praying to. What does the Bible say about public vs. private prayers, "man"?