Saturday, January 03, 2009

You're not a dog person?

Okay, it's no secret that I love Haven Kimmel and believe everyone should read her books (although perhaps Iodine is just for the truly Kimmel-addicted). Here's a quote from Iodine I liked almost as much as the one from She Got Up Off the Couch:

"I'm not a dog person, people say, I hear it all the time. Oh? Oh, you're not a dog person? Are you a zombie, an automaton, a marionette? Is it about your carpet? Your beige carpet? Or is the nuisance, the caretaking, the ritual? Is it about how you'd prefer not to be bothered, or how you find a certain level of sterility necessary in order to support your loveless marriage and your absurd career and your rapid decline and death? The death you will go to without the irritant of dog hair on that black suit, split up the back by the undertaker? Is it because you don't understand that dogs are Other, they are messengers and wild animals--they could survive just fine without us--and they are carnivores, they are dangerous, they could kill us (and do), and yet virtually all of them choose to live in harmony with us for reasons we will never understand? There is no species of mammal on earth with greater diversity: a papillon is a dog, and a Neapolitan mastiff is a dog, and a greyhound is a dog, and a mutt scavenging at the edge of a garbage heap in Calcutta is a dog..."

Going to sleep with my favorite dangerous carnivore beside my bed,

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Rachael said...

I definitely AM a dog person and completely proud of it! I love them...and they totally become members of the family with their own personalities. Some people just don't understand that!

Also...I commented after your comment on my blog with the link to Stephen's sermon. After you listen, let me know what you think!