Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's a new dawn...it's a SNOW DAY...

...and I'm feeeeelin' good!

Snow Day! Snow Day! We're having a snow day!

PLANS: Finish John Flanagan's The Burning Bridge. Sip hot tea. Work on "Immortal Memory" speech & toast for this Saturday night's Burns Supper. Sip hot tea. Play with dogs until fingers are frozen...which will require lashings of hot tea.

Happy Tuesday, everybody!

PLAN UPDATE: Share Karen's amazing Apple Bread recipe with the world before we lose the tattered, splattered piece of paper stuck on the refrigerator...

Apple Bread

3 C. (plus 1 tsp.) whole wheat flour (stone ground, preferably)
1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. baking powder

3 eggs
2 C. sugar
1 C. oil
1 Tbsp. vanilla
2 C. diced apple
1/2 C. chopped nuts (pecans, preferably)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix flour (except reserved teaspoon), cinnamon, baking soda, salt, & baking powder together. Set aside. Beat eggs & add sugar & oil. Add vanilla and dry ingredients. Stir in apples. Mix nuts in reserved teaspoon of flour and add to batter. Bake in two greased loaf pans for about an hour at 350.


Linda said...

MEEEE, tooo! We're under a winter weather warning, all the schools in the area are closed, and I decided not to try making it into my office today. A recent close brush on my commute, and barely escaping another car's out-of-control rolling tumble end over end right before my eyes, has heightened my awareness to the dangers of the road--and THAT was on dry roads under clear skies! So with ice, sleet, snow, and freezing rain falling today, all heroic efforts were laid to rest and I am putting on my domestic's apron. Tom and I will read a little of "A Girl Named Zippy" and lunch on stuffed peppers! Jackson ("Jack") has discovered the fun of chasing ice cubes around the kitchen, and he is fascinated by the snow on the lawn. He will spend his day playing with his squeaky toys and cuddling up at my feet. Coffee and iced tea, spent in the pleasant company of my two best buddies--it doesn't get any better than that (unless we could be in TX with y'all)!
Love ya!

mad4books said...

SOUNDS GREAT! (Have you come to the part of Zippy where she mentions BATSELL BARRETT BAXTER?!?)

Linda said...

Yes, we're beyond her reference to BBB, but not without laughing heartily, remembering those rather drab programs (of course, black & white, single camera, flat delivery--or should I say "flatline"?).

As for the apple bread, what do you do about the 2 cups of sugar? Does Karen use Splenda instead?

mad4books said...

I certainly DO use Splenda blend for baking...and, this is weird, but I don't actually *recall* Karen ever making this so I don't know what she uses. (The recipe is in her handwriting, but if she ever made this, I'm just not remembering it!)

Melanie said...

I have to admit, I chuckled a little bit to read your title! :) A SNOW DAY IN TEXAS.... I love it! We have a snow day today too.... we are expecting upwards of 20 inches of that cold white stuff! PLANS: READ:'The Protector' by Dee Henderson, CLEAN: dishes & floors, CROCHET: lots of hats on order!!

HOPE YOU ENJOYED YOUR SNOW DAY! IT STILL DOES CAUSE THE EXCITEMENT AS IT DID WHEN WE WERE KIDS!! :) (maybe there is still a bit of a kid in each of us!)

Love, Melanie

Melanie said...

As a side note... we did have our 'snow day' yesterday, but then we also had a 2 hour delay today because of the snow! :)

Gotta love it! (NOT ALWAYS!)

kenny said...

i just wanted to say that i thought your quotes from the movies were funny on tammy's blog. being 40-something myself, kids just don't know good humor anymore, huh? i don't think i have seen 'better off dead' so guess i need to rent it, because i love the other three you mentioned.

i'm gunna see if the wife might like to try the apple bread recipe.