Sunday, May 17, 2009

Author, author!

We miss Cali Gonzales already! Saltwater editor of Texas Fish & Game magazine and also an editor at Sport Fishing magazine, Mr. Gonzales was a big hit this week at Madison with students and teachers alike.
Full Flickr photostream at .

Fifties day has come and gone, as well. It's hard to believe that this is Mrs. Lineweaver's final 'Fifties Day...and harder to believe that she doesn't look one bit sad or nostalgic! She and Sonja are so excited to retire! (We miss them already, too.)

Now it's time for the biggest party of the year...the Lone Star awards luncheon this Wednesday at noon (exhausting!) and the retirement reception for Ms. Lineweaver, Ms. Smith, Ms. Perez, and Mr. Owens Wednesday after school (not too exhausting...I'm only in charge of Bison coins and nuts). Look for pics this Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

So my friend Liz taught me how to leave comments on blogspot today. I told her a long time ago I checked and they required you to have a blogspot account to leave comments. Not anymore. So I wanted you to know the birds in Mansfield are eating our tomatoes the second they turn a little pink, it's annoying. We have big ones and little ones and they only get the big ones. (greedy and selfish, i guess) My parents are going to get some kind of fence around the garden because of the birds.