Monday, May 04, 2009

Unwell? Yep. Unhealthy? Check.

The best photo of our weekend in Canton!
(Aren't these two spectacular?)

Had a blast on the Big Shopping Trip of 2009, even though I hardly bought anything and woke up sick on the last day. We laughed until our sides hurt...from the time we got there on Friday and discovered while unpacking that ALL SEVEN of us had brought wine, continuing through Libby's fall into the hot tub, the Bra Incident, the White Elephant gift exchange, and our free breakfast before we all went our separate ways...some to the Tyler Rose Garden and zoo, some to the Tanger Outlets, and some back to Abilene.

Last night's fever of 101 is down to 100, but it still seems prudent to go to the doctor. (The appointment is in about an hour, and although it's probably just a sinus infection, the thought of sitting in a doctor's office during the Level Five Swine Flu Pandemic is rather off-putting.) At least I have the AISD Kindle 2 to keep me company...I'm not touching ANY of those H1N1-infected doctor's office magazines!

And finally, here's one of my favorite parts of Dad's sermon yesterday which I read for a devotional this morning. He quotes a Dr. Allen Hunt:

"Most Americans define themselves by what they have or what they do. That is dangerous territory to inhabit. Your life is not defined by what you own, possess, or have. Nor is your life best defined by what you do for a living, whether lawyer, athlete, or auto mechanic.

A part of you craves meaning and purpose. Listen to that voice within your soul. Tune out the voices around you that insist you buy more, consume more, borrow more, and own more. The more you possess, the more you will worry about it. The more time you will invest in caring for your stuff, and the more energy you will spend in insuring it and maintaining it. Your life consists of far more than the possessions you pile up.

Simplicity is your friend, not your enemy."

Wow. I know he's right because my fever last night gave me nightmares and, apparently, what I fear losing most has nothing to do with stocks or bonds or *things* at has nothing at all to do with what is PRECIOUS.

Happy Monday, everyone! Listen to the President and wash your hands

UPDATE: Strep throat. My first-ever case of strep. (I'm so visibly swollen that my new best friend, Cecille, at the United Pharmacy on 14th Street thought at first that I had a toothache! BTW, Cecille is the all-time coolest...a pharmacist who will remind you of your mom!)


Melanie said...

Hope you are feeling better!! :) And, your dad is sooo right! When my kids were younger I tried to help them understand their identity by asking them 'Who are you?' when they responded by giving me their names, I'd say, 'no, that is your name/title' We'd continue as I was driving them closer to the right answer... "I am a child of God.(see Jn1:12)" Then we'd look up some of the verses in the Bible to show them just who they are in God's eyes!! (Jn 15:15, 1Cor 6:19-20, Col 2:10 etc.)
PS... glad you brought your own reading materials to the Dr.

Kirsten said...

Okay, you have not told us if you bought those dolls...did you get my text about buying them to keep company with the other "thing" in your bedroom?! Did you go to the Canton flea market? And people actually left on Saturday? And you had two days of fun and now a day or two of misery? Just think of the poor ladies who will come down with strep after you! You should've had more wine, it would have killed those germs! LOL

mad4books said...

Yes, we went to Canton Saturday morning after eating breakfast with no milk. That's right, we packed more than seven bottles of wine and two corkscrews, but no one thought to bring MILK! (Someone suggested I should've snapped a pic of Sue eating her Cheerios as they floated in wine...)

Canton was the most fun you can have in Texas, next to Doggie Splash Day and Wurstfest. Can't wait to go back, but maybe in October or November when it's not so oppressive.

And no, sadly, I could not afford The Twins. Libby was buying some tin ceiling panels and a Kansas license plate when I spotted them in the dealer's trailer. Since I'd helped boost the sale (brought Libby the license plate, knowing she'd want it), the guy was super cool about letting me climb into his trailer and snap photos. (Some Canton booths have signs forbidding any photography.)

He yelled, "Fifty bucks!" as I climbed out of the trailer (and that is a bargain, even if he meant fifty a piece!), but I'm keeping my eyes on the Passion Play. (Plus, I hadn't been to the air-conditioned antique mall yet where I was sure to find photos of girls reading...WHICH I DID!)

The Book Girls will be on Flickr soon...will let you know when they're posted!

Bluebonnetgirl said...

Did the seven bottles of wine have anything to do with Libby's fall into the hot tub?

I raise my glass to your renewed commitment to weight loss, but it doesn't have to be as Draconian as Wasa (that's Danish for "wasp nest")! WeightWatcher's program allows for foods that taste good while resulting in weight loss. A week of strep throat has probably given your weight loss a kickstart, hasn't it? There's nothing like a throat that feels like a cross between a Brillo pad and a golf ball to make one want to avoid swallowing!

I hope you are feeling better. Give Dolly a hug for me. I'm looking forward to talking to you tomorrow. <3