Sunday, June 07, 2009

Because Mom's afraid I forgot to pack a camera...

Check it out, Momma! I remembered the camera AND I even borrowed the school's new Flip camera to get you some video of the ceremony itself. Doug did a *terrific* job. You would have been so proud. Everyone sends their love...but your handsome brother sends the most love of all.

More pics coming to my Flickr site once I get back to Abilene (prettiest town I ever seen). So far, we've played with Max, hiked at McKinney Falls State Park, shopped at Central Market, swum at Barton Springs, eaten at Chuy's, and celebrated at Red Corral Ranch! (Right now, the kids are at Tyler's soccer game while I rest my sunburned shoulders on the futon, pet Max--and wipe his drool off the computer, and watch a DVD of classic Edward R. Murrow interviews. So far, he's interviewed Milton Berle, Jerry Lewis, Sammy Davis, Jr, etc.) What a wonderful weekend!

The only troubling things are that we saw a dog pass away today at Barton Springs and that Ben is still missing after getting out of our back gate. These two things are very much on my mind and in my prayers right now. Bethany and I were very shaken after seeing the dog in distress, not to mention the guilt and worry of his owner. However, if a ten-and-a-half year-old dog passes away playing in the water of Barton Springs after a lifetime of adventure, it was a life well-spent. If any of us die splashing in the legendary Austin swimming hole at the age of seventy-five, let's agree to chalk that up in the "Win" column.

P.S. Gotta' run. Max just broke Bethany's neon sign! ARGH!
P.P.S. Bethany was cool about it. She and Tyler helped me clean up all the glass, and Max didn't get in any trouble!


Bluebonnetgirl said...

Thanks, Kristy, you are precious! I LOVE Bethany's haircut and her pretty polka-dot dress! Erin's bridal gown is beautiful, too!

I'm praying that Ben will return safely! The ol' devil wants to spoil the celebration weekend, and he will NOT win!

Be careful and buckle up as you return to Abilene. We can hardly wait for August and your visit.

Love ya,

Steelerfan06 said...

Great pictures Kris. Your little girl grew up to be so pretty! Looks like the wedding was a great union and reunion.

The Driskells said...

I just LOVE Austin and Barton Springs. Even worked there many years ago. Never saved anyone, but also never let anyone drown so that's good. I would have gone in after the dog!