Friday, June 05, 2009


Thought stream #1: "Hey, before I leave for Austin today, all of the drink containers in this car should go in the school's recycle bins!"

Thought stream #2: "THIRTEEN water bottles and two cans? All in one Tribute? Yeah, I need to clean out this car more often. Wait...this one has the sport top for the dog; gotta' keep that. Hold on...this one is the brand-new one from yesterday, when Dolly was being filmed in Nelson Park. But still, ELEVEN water bottles? That's ridiculous."

Thought stream #3: "When do I get to see Bethany?"

Thought stream #4: "If they don't let us go until 2:00, I'll hit those crazy Austin traffic jams. And there will be no water supply in here to keep me alive! They'll find my dehydrated corpse in the right-hand lane of I-35!"

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Bluebonnetgirl said...

Tell me--I'm dying to know--did Dolly score well on her screen test? When do you sign her contract with Disney?

Hey, did you notice the Brittany Spaniel in the picture of Erin and Dennis and their dogs on their engagement announcement? It looks like Dolly! I'll bet that Dennis is a bird hunter, and that's probably his bird dog. Their other dog is a beautiful German shepherd.

I hope you arrived safely in Austin. Give Bethany a big hug from me, and give all the Sviens, Bacons, and Greeks our greetings. I am so sorry that I'm missing the gathering of the clan.

Take lots of pictures!